Shenzhen Pengheng capsule Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd. and the Colorful life Co., Ltd. reached a strate

Posted by:pengheng    Time:2017-09-19

The two groups reached a strategic cooperation to create a new apartment accommodation model, the current need for reform of traditional apartments, many traditional apartment brands have emerged a lot of problem.

Space problems: In many first-tier cities generally high rent situation, there is no way to solve this problem, and the small size of the capsule, the equipment is fully functional to solve the problem of space


Hydropower management: key door card to be produced separately, the number of water and electricity coal need to personally confirm, which undoubtedly reduce the efficiency of the stay. Pengheng space capsule intelligent passenger control system can accurately put the water, electricity, room card integrated in the central system co-management, greatly improving the efficiency of apartment management.

Rental payment efficiency: the traditional apartment model, the tenants need to sign a paper contract, household payment, the need for artificial face to face check, call is very difficult, easy to negligence and no coercive means. And through Peng Heng's existing self-service payment system, the rent will be issued early in advance of intelligent tips, 24 hours can be network payment, to avoid the embarrassment of rented rent.


colorful life Co., Ltd.s years of community service management experience, as well as advanced apartment management technology, combined with Pengheng capsule hotel hotel equipment and technology reserves over the years, both together to create a unique apartment model.

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